About the NHS at BHWC

BHWC was founded in 2013 by Managing Partner, Gary Toyne and Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews.

The aim was to provide holistic care to patients. Gary and Laura had worked together in another nearby practice and both believed that medicine extended beyond medication. They started the practice in conjunction with a group of therapists and artists. At the same time they began a charity called The Robin Hood Health Foundation which still sits alongside the practice and helps to fund the arts and complementary therapies. The arts group has grown into the HERA programme which now provides high quality healing arts programmes to patients across the city. Please see the HERA tab for more details. We run a variety of complementary therapies which can be accessed via the Complementary Therapy tab. We are constantly working to integrate this further into practice to widen the potential treatment options available to patients.

The practice has more than doubled in size since 2013 and now has one of the most diverse group of partners of any practice in the country. We have teams of highly qualified pharmacists, nurses and physiotherapies as well as doctors who work with our artists and therapists to provide truly holistic treatments. We aim to provide meaningful and personalised care to all our patients. This relies fundamentally on consistency of the relationship between the patient and care givers. Medicine has become highly complex and requires a team of people rather than one individual to deliver high quality care. We hope to operate as a unified practice team which can deliver continuity of care as well as high quality care to all our patients.

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.

Hippocrates, 460 BC

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