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New Coronavirus Information Information (updated 25.3.2020) ~

Coronavirus (COVID19) guidance as of 23rd March 2020 following HM Government announcement, in an attempt to delay and reduce the transmission of the illness and subsequent impact on the health and social care system, please follow this advice:
People at higher risk from COVID19 (generally people who receive the flu jab) – people with long-term or chronic conditions (cardiac, respiratory, kidney, liver, neurological), diabetes, immune system problems including HIV, on immunosuppressant medication including steroids, transplant patients, people without spleens including people with sickle cell disease, active cancer including those on chemo or radiotherapy, or pregnant women or people aged over 70 years.
Please DO NOT ATTEND THE PRACTICE - in order to avoid spreading the virus to other patients and staff. You do not need to call the practice or NHS111 to inform us of your self-isolation. Please only call if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms, your condition gets worse or lasts longer than 7 days OR you have other problems not related to this condition. 
Use the following website to find out what to do if you have concerns about coronavirus https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19/ before calling NHS111 or your GP.
If you need a note for your employers use the following link: https://111.nhs.uk/isolation-note/
To reduce people attending the practice there is a new telephone appointment triage system in place in order to assess patients and give advice on the telephone or arrange a face to face appointment if required based on clinical need. These telephone appointments can be booked online from 6am or via reception from 8am. 
NB: Please be aware that this practice will need to prioritise clinically urgent workload over routine depending on the demands on the system.

Important Update : New telephone triage appointment system

About the NHS at BHWC

Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre was founded in July 2013 by Gary Toyne (Managing Partner), Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews (Clinical Partner) and Chris Dance.

The practice is built on the principles of Narrative Medicine and Medical Humanity. We believe that conventional medicine and other forms of therapy can work well together. As an example, people undergoing chemotherapy can often benefit from acupuncture, massage, relaxation techniques and nutritional advice. This has been well demonstrated by the Maggie Centres for many years.

People are all different, and will respond differently to various forms of treatment. Careful diagnosis and working closely with patients can help to develop treatment plans which reflect not just the illness but the person who has the illness. Hippocrates said "It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has".

Dr Marshall-Andrews and Chris Dance had jointly cared for a number of patients over the years and it was the story of one patient that gave rise to Robin Hood Health Foundation, a fund set up to help improve access to non-NHS therapies for patients at BHWC on low incomes.

Through our Healing Arts Centre we run programmes in literary arts, performance arts, singing groups, and visual arts. These programmes can help people to deal with loss, trauma and illness and can be used to develop greater reflection and understanding of oneself.

We have founded the Brighton Narrative Medicine and Medical Humanities Group which is committed to setting up a faculty of Narrative Medicine at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.