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Online workshop series for diabetes & other blood sugar related health problems

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Category: Event | Posted on: 6 May 2020

Blood sugar (glucose) is the body’s preferred source of fuel. The brain, organs and muscles depend on glucose for fuel. For glucose to enter cells, insulin is needed as a carrier.

Problems with regulation of blood sugar and insulin lead to the most prevalent and physiologically damaging conditions today including blood vessel damage, heart disease, obesity and weight control issues, neurological symptoms, hormonal dysregulation, hepatic (liver) dysfunction, fatigue and mitochondrial issues, inflammation, and immune system dysfunction.

When it comes to blood sugar levels, there are really only two places we can get it from:

  1. food we eat (external source) or 
  2. glucose that we make (internal source)

Both chronically low or high blood sugar are stepping stones to diabetes. Acting early on by modifying the diet and addressing lifestyle factors (i.e. stress, sleep, exercise), diabetes can be prevented and symptoms can be reversed.

Research shows also that Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for the development of both Vascular and Alzheimers type dementia. Exalto et al (2013) (1) point out that people who have type 2 diabetes are twice as susceptible to dementia than those who do not.

In our 6 week online workshops you will learn what you can do to regulate your blood sugar, have more energy, feel good and have fun at the same time.

You will be supported all along the way in figuring out what changes could work for you, learn how to live on a low budget and still eat healthy food. You can also get 1:1 coaching if you find making changes challenging.

Diabetes workshop with Anna Betz

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