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The Robin Hood Health Foundation was establsihed by Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews and Gary Toyne (managing partner) in 2016 in order to assist those patients of BHWC who want to access complementary therapies but couldn't afford to. Prior to the formation of the charity (1169072) Gary and Laura had been making donations into a fund from the practice profits in order to enable access to complementary therapies for those that couldn't afford them until the charity could be formally established.

The objectives of RHHF are:

The relief and prevention of sickness and the preservation of health for the public benefit by the provision of complementary, natural and alternative medicine, in particular but not exclusively through the provision of affordable complementary therapy treatments and therapeutic art projects.

To advance the education of the public in health and wellbeing and the therapeutic benefit of the arts by but not exclusively through the provision of lectures, exhibitions, arts programmes and workshops.

Since 2013 4000 patients have come through the charity funded arts and complementary therapy programme. The charity (including that donated to the fund prior to charity formation) has received £137,000 in funding since the inception of BHWC in 2013. BHWC has contributed £85,000 of this funding. The charity has also received funding from Arts Council England and the Big Lottery.

How to make an appointment

Patients have advised us that they prefer appointments to be available on the day they are poorly rather than weeks in advance. We have responded to this by making many of our appointments available on the day.
The easiest way to make an appointment is online from 6am. This gives you a 2 hour advantage over booking by telephone which is not possible until 8am. It also takes the stress out of having to get through a busy switchboard. All our patients are entitled to on line access. If you don't have your on line username and password please email the practice at and we will email them to you.

If you don't have internet access you can of course either phone the practice to make an appointment ( from 8am each day but not on Saturday or Sunday) or come to the practice and make an appointment in person.

See which Doctor is available when?

Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre


I feel so fortunate to have The Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre on my doorstep. The Receptionists are always so pleasant and hardworking and the doctors are first class. Everything is discussed and explained in detail and, from my experience, the doctors are always very thorough. The surgery itself is bright and cheerful and it is so easy and convenient to book appointments and repeat prescriptions online. Also, there is so much going on in the way of community health matters, a really good facility right here in the neighbourhood.

A local patient

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