BHWC Information (Updated 1.12.2021) :

Due to the number of staff sick with COVID19, we are changing our services for a limited time.

To keep everyone safe we will be operating a phone appointment service for routine appointments and we will be closing our front door from Thursday 2nd December. We will no longer book routine appointments for 1 week and then review. You may attend the surgery if you have a pre-booked blood test, immunisation or review booked. There may be delays in contacting you or last-minute cancellations or changes.

We sincerely apologise for the disruption – we will return to normal services just as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Consultancy Services

On your path to integration, there are many and various obstacles that you may need to address. Below are some of the areas that we have tackled and found good solutions. We are uniquely placed to consider a broader range of ideas, which we are happy to discuss with you.

Integration Considerations for NHS Partners

Integration Considerations for Health Centres

A dose of Health and Wellbeing

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