BHWC Wellbeing Festival 2019

Winter is upon us - a time to slow down, reflect, be mindful, recharge and restore:

a perfect time to embrace our health and wellbeing, and build foundations for a healthy, fulfilling year ahead

A weekend of events, classes, short films, healthy snacks and inspiration to boost your health and wellbeing.


Places for talks can be booked through Eventbrite

Places for taster sessions can be booked in two ways


Time Venue Activity
10-11am Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDYoga with Anika Grimm
Therapy rooms Mindfulness group with Lawrence Horwill, nutrition with Jess English
11.10-12.20am Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDPilates with Zahava Goldfoot
Therapy rooms Taster session: Massage with Lizzy West, osteopathy spine checks with James Adatia, nutrition with Jess English, mind body with Dr Carlie Grindey
12.30-1.30pm Waiting room Sing for Better Health with Udita & Teener Star
Security FULLY BOOKEDTalk: Anxiety and overwhelm in food with Jules Frances
Therapy rooms Taster sessions: Yoga therapy to help with stress ad anxiety with Anika Grimm, massage with Lizzy West, EMDR with Gabriel Best
2-3pm Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDPain
An integrated talk: Dr Francis Richards, GP and Liz Lanphier-Evans, acupuncturist and chinese herbal medicine practitioner
Security FULLY BOOKEDHomeopathy First Aid with Dr Jessica Robinson, psychiatrist and homeopath
2.30pm Therapy rooms Taster sessions: Alexander technique talk with Laurie Cannon
3.15-4.15pm Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDInsomnia
An integrated care talk: Dr Sally Doust GP, Anika Grimm, yoga therapist, and Shilpa Patel, pharmacist
Security FULLY BOOKEDHeartmath
Therapy rooms Alexander technique Taster sessions: with Laurie Cannon / Mind Body therapy talk with Tarun Pamneja
4.30-5.30pm Waiting room Meet and mingle with our therapists Come and chat! We'd love to meet you. Find out more about our therapies: alexander technique, acupuncture, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, psychotherapy, yoga therapy, wellbeing coaching and how they could help you improve your vitality & wellbeing.
6-7.30pm Waiting room Political forum: Due to an understandable lack of available politicians, Dr Laura Marshall-Andrews will be talking about the development and future of BHWC in the current political climate.
8pm Close


Time Venue Activity
11.00-12.00am Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDCreative Expressive drama workshop with Gurpreet Singh
Security FULLY BOOKEDAnxiety
Integrated talk: with Jacqui Liddle, advanced nurse practitioner, Suzanne Vidal, cognitive hypnotherapist, and Lawrence Horwill, craniosacral therapist
12.30 -1.30pm Waiting room Community Hub - what is available to support our health in our community? A gathering of people from free and charitable social prescribing services in Brighton & Hove
Security Hands on Healing
Therapy rooms Taster sessions: Mind Body talk with Tarun Pamneja, massage & reflexology with Anne Pether
2-3pm Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDPlacebo
An integrated talk: Laura Marshall-Andrews and Shilpa Patel
Security FULLY BOOKEDFood for Health (including diabetes)
An integrated talk: Anna Betz, Dr Francis Richards, Jess English
Therapy rooms Taster sessions: Craniosacral therapy with Lawrence Horwill, massage and reflexology with Anne Pether
3.15-4.15pm Waiting room FULLY BOOKEDFatigue
An integrated talk: Tarun Pamneja psychotherapist, Dr Carlie Grindey, GP and mind body therapy
Security FULLY BOOKEDPlay with paint: Suzie Poyntz
Therapy rooms Craniosacral therapy Taster sessions: with Lawrence Horwill, mindfulness with Anne Pether
4.30pm Waiting room Meet and mingle with our therapists
Come and chat! We'd love to meet you. Find out more about our therapies: acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, drama therapy, homeopathy, psychotherapy, mind body therapy, reflexology, aromatherapy and how they could help you boost your vitality and wellbeing.
6pm Close

Our integrated talks will all include NHS and complementary therapists, combining our approaches for full health.