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Become More Organised, Inspired and Relaxed Around Food and Mealtimes! ~

This workshop run by Health Coach Jules Francis is always loads of fun and a great place to get your teeth stuck into meal planning and preparing nourishing food for all the family... especially when time is limited!

Get organised for healthy eating, know how to detox your kitchen, learn the magic of batch cooking, take away your own meal plan survival guide, be inspired to try new things and much more!

Date: Saturday 24th March Time: 10.30-12.30pm Location: Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre Price: £20 Booking: https://julesfrancis.as.me/Workshop

For more info: www.julesfrancis.com/workshops

Philanthropic Bespoke Health

Bespoke Health is the process of individually evaluating a person, group, or team, and exploring what approaches will be best suited to reaching the desired goals.

Your goals might be improved personal health and wellbeing, or contributing more fully to our community, job or family. The goal might be self-improvement, or more fulfilling relationships with those around us.

By really listening, tuning in to your needs, and understanding your budget, and timescales, we believe we can provide from a huge range of possible services and deliver them in an appropriate way for you. This could be working with an individual with a health concern over a 3-monthly course, through to a one-off event for your organisation to improve productivity.

We donate 15% of the fees to our charity, Robin Hood Health Foundation.

Bespoke Health for Individuals

For individual people, we might work with a specific health or lifestyle concern, such as stress, back pain, or fertility. We can help you to maximise your health and wellbeing following a time of particular strain. Typically, we would work with you over an agreed timescale, alongside your GP as necessary.

Some areas we are keen to work with are:

Fully managed packages start from £266 per month - full details can be found here.

Bespoke Health for Organisations

For groups, teams, voluntary or corporate organisations, we can visit your premises, or take you to one of our lovely venues, to provide workshops and individual work to help with:

Tailored events start at £1500 - full details can be found here.

How Do We Help?

We are uniquely positioned to help people or organisations manage stress, change unwanted behaviours, improve personal health, or work more successfully with others.

We may draw from any of the following areas to create a plan with you:

As a hub of our locality, and with a community-based ethos, we feel we are able to draw on many other connections to match the right support for your needs.