How to make an appointment

Patients have advised us that they prefer appointments to be available on the day they are poorly rather than weeks in advance. We have responded to this by making many of our appointments available on the day.
The easiest way to make an appointment is online from 6am. This gives you a 2 hour advantage over booking by telephone which is not possible until 8am. It also takes the stress out of having to get through a busy switchboard. All our patients are entitled to on line access. If you don't have your on line username and password please email the practice at and we will email them to you.

If you don't have internet access you can of course either phone the practice to make an appointment ( from 8am each day but not on Saturday or Sunday) or come to the practice and make an appointment in person.

Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre

Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre

BHWC is one of the first NHS GP practices in the UK to truly integrate with complementary therapies and healing arts. We were founded in 2013 as a response to the increasing pressures on the NHS, and in recognition of the fact that conventional medicine does not always hold all the solutions to a person's health concerns. We believe that conventional medicine and other therapies and approaches can work together to support individuals into good health and wellbeing.

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I feel so fortunate to have The Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre on my doorstep. The Receptionists are always so pleasant and hardworking and the doctors are first class. Everything is discussed and explained in detail and, from my experience, the doctors are always very thorough. The surgery itself is bright and cheerful and it is so easy and convenient to book appointments and repeat prescriptions online. Also, there is so much going on in the way of community health matters, a really good facility right here in the neighbourhood.

A local patient

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